About Us

Student Cities Australia is a concise guide to Australia’s university cities. It is aimed at students who want to quickly learn about Aussie cities. It is meant to have useful content whether you are from Australia or another part of the world.

What the guide shows

This website has a healthy amount of useful info about each city. It shows university ratings, city geography, climate, where students live and how students get around the city.

The idea is to give you enough information to decide if the city is the right place for you and, if so, how you might arrange a student lifestyle there.

Australia: the land of opportunity

Something we want to emphasise is that all Australian cities provide good opportunities for students to live well. There are no good or bad cities as such.

Australian communities share a common culture and part of that culture is the “fair go” – the idea that everyone should be able to join in and succeed.

The quality of life is high in all the cities. Australia has plenty of space and people choose to live in the best parts of the country.

Apart from housing, daily living costs are similar everywhere (remote communities aside). Where housing costs are high, it usually means pay rates are high as well.

Our student experiences

Student Cities Australia is published by UniCurve, an Australian company that informs students about study and living. We are experts in the business of being a university student. Between us, we have lived in just about every major part of the country. A great deal of our time is spent researching and writing about university issues.

Help to inform students

We’re always keen to learn more and improve the quality of information published. If you have something useful to share, please tell us and we’ll put the feedback to good use.